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Posted on: June 6, 2019

Expanded use of personal watercraft not supported for Waneka Lake

Waneka Lake

A petition requesting the expansion of personal watercraft use on Waneka Lake was submitted to City Council and initiated a conversation regarding the vision for both the lake and surrounding park areas.

Waneka Lake is a valued community amenity. Its rich history, inspiring beauty, and municipal purpose meld together to create a very unique gem in an urban setting which most municipalities don’t have the good fortune to possess. Waneka is loved and appreciated by Lafayette residents for a variety of reasons. From the City’s perspective, the two most significant impacts involved in allowing expanded public watercraft use is that the over utilization of this unique resource would diminish its biological and environmental viability, as well as its desirability as a peaceful refuge for community and wildlife use.  It is anticipated that Lafayette users would be negatively affected with the expansion of a high-use, regional water attraction, depleting the overall desirability for the general public’s use. Additionally, it is anticipated that expanded public use would negatively impact the hospitable waterfowl sanctuary and existing Greenlee Wildlife Preserve.

Based on significant resident opposition submitted to City Council, it was determined an expansion of use for personal watercraft will not be supported on Waneka Lake.

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