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Posted on: October 17, 2019

Slurry Seal Street Project - DELAYED

A1 Chipseal Slurry Seal street project

UPDATE:  10/24/2019-

The residential portion of this project will be delayed due to the cold temperatures.  Ambient temperatures need to be 50 degrees fahrenheit and rising in order for this work to be performed.  We will be monitoring the weather and temperatures in the coming days/weeks to see if there is a window of time in which this can be performed.

Slurry Seal Project

In the Centaur Village and South Pointe neighborhoods

The City has contracted to resurface a number of streets with a process called slurry seal. Work is scheduled to run from October 23 through November 1. “No Parking” signs will be placed 24 hours in advance of the work on affected streets. All vehicles are required to be moved from the street by 7:00am until work is completed and all signs and barricades are removed from the street. Should you need to leave your home after 7:00am, please relocate your vehicle to a street that does not have any 'No Parking' signs or a street that has a 'No Parking' sign with a date that is listed other than the current working date. This process will take approximately 3-5 hours to cure once the material is placed on the street. 

What is slurry seal?

Slurry Seal is a pavement preservation surface treatment to enhance and protect the existing asphalt already in place. Visit for more information and to view a video of how this process takes place.

There are two (2) neighborhoods and four (4) City facilities that will receive a slurry seal treatment with this year’s project.  Work is scheduled to begin on October 23 with a November 1 completion date.  Dates are subject to change and are weather dependent.  The two (2) neighborhoods are Centaur Village and South Pointe.  The four (4) facilities are the Senior Center, Library, Police Station and the Fire Station.  

Please note:

•    Slurry seal takes some time to dry and cannot be driven on for up to about 4 hours.

•    Contractor will place “No Parking” signs 48 hours in advance of the work and will remove the signs once the roads are able to be driven on.

•    A-1 Chipseal will knock on doors prior to working on the streets to let residents know that they need to move their vehicle if they want to get out of their garage during the curing time.

•    Everything will be phased in a way to provide minimal walking distance for parking cars away from houses.

•    A-1 will provide baggies with information on driveways 1 week in advance of the work to notify residents.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Please contact Katie with A-1 Chipseal at 303-464-9267 for questions while the work is in progress.

How the slurry seal process will be performed by A-1 Chipseal

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