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2019 Wellness Program - Choose Your Adventure

  1. Please Check What Type of Employee You Are

  2. Will You Be Joining Us at the Kick Off and Goal Setting Event on 1/30?

  3. What Adventure Are You Planning On Joining?

    This is optional if you do not want to share.

  4. What are your motivations for this adventure?

    Check as many as you like.

  5. Please CHECK the box if you would like to be included an adventure email list

    We will send out resources and tips for each adventure, but don't want to crowd anyone's inbox. If you would like to receive emails for your adventure, please CHECK this box, and make sure you have selected an adventure from the choices above. If you DO NOT check this box, you will not receive any email updates and will need to go to the website should you want resource information or program reminders.

  6. Let us know anything you want to see in the 2019 program or feedback on any part of the wellness program.

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